Why Site Retargeting?  It’s an unfortunate fact that the majority of people – up to 98%, according to some studies – will visit your website and will not make a purchase, and convert to a customer. How can you recapture these customers, bring them back, and boost conversion rates?

With this type of display advertising targeting, you can bring past visitors back into your sales funnel, tailor custom ads to their interests, and boost conversions. Learn more now and see why you should be using this form of targeting as part of your digital strategy.

What Is Site Retargeting?

This type of targeting uses cookies, which are stored on a user’s device, to serve them display ads to your website when they visit other sites on the internet.

For example, if they visit an online store without making a purchase, and visit another website like a blog or news website, site retargeting can serve them an ad for that store or a product they’ve viewed.

By following users across websites based on their browsing behavior, marketers can increase overall brand exposure, and bring customers back if they are still interested in making a purchase.

Understanding The Benefits

There are number of great benefits for marketers and advertisers.

  • Focus ad spend on interested customers. Customers who have visited your website already are more qualified than those who haven’t. Using cookies to identify these customers and optimize your PPC ad strategy will help you become more cost-efficient, and boost conversion rates.
  • Boost brand awareness. Brand recall is enhanced because customers will see a particular brand “following” them across different websites. This leads to more interest in your product and better brand awareness. In turn, this results in more sales, and a more effective brand image.
  • Gain unique insights. Gain insights into your ad campaign, for example, by tracking conversion rates across different websites that are serving up your ads, and which websites are delivering the most customers and revenue. This, in turn, helps you optimize your marketing strategy.

Implement Site Retargeting Into Your Strategy Today!

With our unique advertising and display network, it’s easier than ever to retarget visitors to your site and optimize ads based on products, categories, pages viewed on your website, and more. So learn more about site retargeting today, and see how it can benefit your digital marketing strategy.