Leading with the Data for Transparent Programmatic Advertising

When making any major decision, most people can agree that it’s important, even vital, to have all the necessary information before deciding on anything. That remains especially true with programmatic advertising. Transparency around a business’s digital marketing campaign stems from possessing all the necessary data upfront. This includes data about who the target audience is, the cost breakdown, brand appropriateness, seeing real results, and even receiving insight into when a campaign is performing successfully or not. AMDigi understands this. We utilize top-tier targeting tools with demographic insights to create an effective strategy built on data and analysis.

Finding the Right Data for Programmatic Advertising

Don’t settle for uniform and prepackaged audience segments that offer little to no insight. When programmatic advertising uses various data elements in conjunction with one another, it creates customizable and adaptable digital campaigns. Data is collected through a combination of online and offline data points. Points can take the form of keywords, browsing tendencies, domain visits, frequented apps, search histories, and GPS locations. Collecting this wide variety of data gives advertisers awareness into every impression made throughout the digital marketing campaign. Using this strategy, the AMDigi team is able to target, quote, advance, and account for each individual data element. This type of programmatic advertising allows for real-time, effective adjustments to an ever-evolving customized digital campaign.

Transparency in Programmatic Advertising Saves on Spending

Spending money on programmatic advertising without having a clear breakdown of the costs can put a business in the red. When it comes to adjusting marketing campaign budgets, having transparent programmatic advertising at a data-element level is essential. It encourages a deep dive into media costs, data costs, etc and allows informed decisions for digital campaigns. AMDigi knows that options for advertising dollars are endless. We have the team, the tools, and the know-how to reduce wasted digital advertising spending.