Keyword search retargeting is a key component of any digital marketing strategy, and it’s becoming a top priority for marketers who are looking to boost their ROI and cost efficiency.

Keyword search retargeting allows marketers and advertisers to combine the power of search with wide-ranging display ad networks – and target interested customers more effectively, based on the searches they perform across the web. Learn more below.

What Is Keyword Search Retargeting, And How Does It Work?

The basics of keyword search retargeting are simple. First, a user visits a search engine like Google, and enters a query – such as “Best Mountain Bikes 2019.” Then, based on their searches, you can use this type of platform to track their intent, and display an appropriate ad.

Using the above example, an outdoor goods store may begin to serve up ads to this user advertising deals on mountain bikes – not just on search engines like Google, but on advertising platforms across multiple websites. The user has already shown their intent – an interest in the product – and now the advertiser can target them with an ad that will appeal directly to them, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Keyword search retargeting captures billions of searches from hundreds of millions of users – and this information can be used to dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your ads.

The Benefits Of Keyword Search Retargeting

Why use keyword? Here are a few of the best benefits.

Generate more sales, a proven way to boost sales and increase the ROI of ad campaigns.
Focus on interested prospects, by analyzing the searches of a user, this targeting can serve them items that they have already shown an interest in buying and enhancing the cost-efficiency of Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns.
Multi-channel, cross-website advertising – With a this type of targeting network, users can be served ads across social media, different websites, and other distribution networks – increasing the prominence the ad.
Higher brand visibility – Seeing the same advertisement or product in multiple places across different ad channels helps boost brand and product visibility – resulting in better overall brand awareness, as well as increased sales.

Maximize Your ROI

By focusing on phrases and words people are searching and displaying ads to those who have already expressed interest and intent, marketers can maximize ROI, bring in more customers, and boost brand visibility. Think about how you can integrate keyword search retargeting into your own strategy – and start making use of it today.