AMDigi executes nationwide campaigns among highly curated audiences. Seamlessly integrating people, platforms, and messages to create conversions. AdMark identifies your ideal audience and designs advertising campaigns that speak to them.

Engaging highly likely customers with relevant messages has never been more attainable. It takes the right team, a well-focused strategy, and top-tier tools. Combine art designed with your audience in mind and put a winning campaign to work for your company.

At AMDigi, we know more about consumers now than at any other time in history. Targeting today is a marketer’s dream. We utilize the best audience curation tools in the advertising industry to benefit client campaigns in a variety of sectors.

Perfect People For Your Product

Target political districts, event attendees, competitor’s customers, neighborhoods, people with specific demographic characteristics, owners of a certain vehicle class, or people with relevant interests. Choose your audience based on finances and buying behavior or hundreds of other characteristics.

Addressable audience curation allows advertisers to target messages to users and devices at the household level without having pre-created address lists. Advantage Marketing creates this ideal household level audience with hundreds of data points sourced in a privacy-compliant manner from top credit bureaus and data management platforms.

AdMark employs a comprehensive network of vendors to support a wide range of digital targeting and ad delivery. Working with clients, we define target locations and property types. To narrow the focus, we filter on the frequency of visits to these locations or other characteristics of the inhabitants. AdMark platforms will even identify and unify duplicate devices to save you the expense of unintended impressions--yes, the technology is that good!

Curation From Grand To Granular

Curating the perfect audience for your advertising message requires sophisticated, digital targeting. AdMark’s team are experts in geofencing, addressable geo-fencing, keyword search retargeting, and site retargeting. Delivering ads through mobile, video, native, display, and OTT/CTV, the agency boasts a proud record of successful advertising campaigns.

Ask AdMark to introduce your product or service to the perfectly curated audience across all platforms. We connect clients in business and professional services, nonprofits, and the public sector with the eyes that matter most to their organization.