AMDigi’s Commitment to Data Privacy

Consumer data privacy has always been a hot topic issue within the digital advertising industry. Recently, legislation and announcements from major technology companies are in favor of providing users with more control over their data. With these new measures, it’s natural to feel nervous about the impact data privacy will have on programmatic advertising. AMDigi is actively preparing for these inevitable changes. Our team is determined that clients receive the quality marketing services they’re accustomed to, with minor impact from these policies.

Third-Party Cookies and Tracking

In 2019, Google began creating initiatives to phase out third-party cookies in an effort to protect user data privacy. Before making the cut, Google is determining other ways for advertising to collect data without compromising user data privacy. Apple is also making changes to how data privacy is handled at the app-level. They’ve restricted the use of their Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) to an app-by-app basis, rather than at the device-level. IDFA enables the tracking and identifying of a user’s actions for the purpose of custom advertising on an Apple device. With these new policies, Apple iOS users can opt out of sharing data and restrict behavioral targeting used by advertisers. 


Another new policy implemented by Apple in concern of user data privacy is found in the location settings. Users can now adjust their settings to give an approximate location of 10 square miles. This setting is “off” by default so users are required to manually adjust their settings within each individual app. Precise location data is still required for basic functionality in certain apps and those will not allow location proximation. An example is when they are using and navigating the GPS app. 


AMDigi is ahead of the curve because we already collect data from multiple sources. We don’t rely solely on third-party cookies or tracking when making digital marketing decisions. This is a major win for our clients. They will be less impacted when these changes inevitably take effect.

Other Data Privacy Compliant Forms of Advertising

AMDigi is committed to the success of our clients’ digital marketing campaigns. We help our clients navigate various digital marketing tools, keeping them in compliance with government regulations and industry best practices. The team at AMDigi uses strategies such as: 

  • Addressable geo-fencing uses first-party address data to create a marketing strategy that enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Programmatic advertising uses various data elements in conjunction with one another to create customizable and adaptable digital campaigns. Data is collected through a combination of online and offline data points.
  • OTT/CTV advertising targets an entire household instead of an individual person. This makes it a great privacy-compliant option when advertising on streamable content and to TV-connected devices.

The data privacy restrictions being made by major technology companies can appear intimidating at first. When you have the AMDigi team behind your digital marketing, you can go forward with ease and peace of mind.